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Why Bump Of Chicken ^___^ April 18, 2011

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Lagunya sederhana, lembut, dan terasa indah… walau tidak tau artinya tapi dari video yang di tampilkan saya sih yakin aja kalo liriknya pasti puitis hehehe

simple song, soft, and feels wonderful … albeit not know what it means but from the video in the show I’m sure if the lyrics certainly poetic ^___^

untungnya musik adalah bahasa universal, walau  menggunakan bahasa yang tidak di mengerti selama bisa menikmatinya dengan mata terpejam dan bisa menimbulkan perasaan tertentu, paling tidak bisa membuat anggota tubuh kita bergoyang, sudah pasti akhirnya masuk dalam kotak lagu Favorit.

fortunately the music is a universal language, though using a foreign language, as long as can enjoy it with my eyes closed and can cause a certain feeling, at least we can make the body sway, of course we love it

begitu juga sejarah saya kenapa saya sangat menyukai grup band ini pada saat saya menggandrungi Kpop yang bertaburan BoyBand dengan wajah tampan, body keren dan atraksi panggungnya yang sangat menarik seperti Bigbang, 2PM, Super Junior, Shinee, dan masih banyak lagi tiba tiba mereka datang melintas dengan  musiknya  yang bersahaja…  zeeeeeeeb sang cupid memanah saya tepat didada saat itu juga saya jatuh cinta pada grup band ini

So also the history of why I love this band. At that moment I really like Kpop, existence was filled by boyband with a handsome face, with great body, and on the stage  they  very attractive even though they look the same but in my eyes can not be disturbed. their presence was spoiling my eyes and ears, like BigBang, 2PM, Super Junior, Shinee, Beast and more.
suddenly I found with the earthy music …
zeeeeeeeb cupid shoot my chest. and at that moment I fell in love with this band Bump Of Chicken.
but do not worry I’m still fond of Kpop, I’m still looking forward BIGBANG, SHINee, BEAST, SuperJunior, TVXQ, 2PM,

and this is my Fav song

BUMP OF CHICKEN2週連続 シングルリリース!!
フォーキーなギターの弾き語りから始まり、曲のクライマックスに向けて、その儚くも尊い世界観が雄々しく、優しく唄い上げられる­『魔法の料理 ~君から君へ~』は、ノスタルジーとリアリティーとが巧妙に交錯しながら物語が奏でられていく、ストーリーテラー藤原基央ならで­はの見事な詞の世界を堪能できる名曲です。

Google translate help me alot

BUMP OF CHICKEN2 single release weeks in a row! !
Forky singer in guitar began, toward the climax of the song, even heroically but in vain the sacred world, gently raised to sing to you from [your culinary magic – ~] is a clever and nostalgia and reality The story will be played while the crossing is a masterpiece you can enjoy the wonderful world of unique lyrics Huziwara Motoe 央 storytellers.
Will be broadcast from April 2010 [NHK Minna no Uta] (2010 4-5 Song of the month) has been determined, the historic [Minna no Uta] This song is visualized nicely in collaboration with, watch this would be echoing from the sensitivity of the listener even more loudly.


Bump Of Chicken April 17, 2011

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Tomodachi no Uta by Bump Of Chicken and Lyric

Here the lyric
anata ga ookikunarumade ni ame no hi nante nandomo aru
sono naka no ichido ha issho ni nureta koto wasurechaukana
took mawarishichatta kedo tomodachi ni nareta nokana
owakare shitette oboeteirareba daijoubu nanokana
sora no tsumetakatta te ga hajimete tsukanda te ni
kieteiku jikan no naka hippararete hashitta kaeri michi wo sagashite
ima watashiga naiteitemo anata no kioku no naka deha
douka anata to onaji egao de tokidoki de iikara omoidashitene
kowagaride yasashii kara okotta koto mo nando mo nai
sono naka no ichido wo ano toki kureta koto furuetteita koe
shiranai sora ni ichiban hoshi nazonazo no wakatta hi
mitsuketayo totemo atatakaimono keshite naku naranai mejirushi
hitorini obie mayotta toki kokoro no oku akarini kidzuku
souka anata ha konna ni soba ni donna kurayami darouto tonde ikeru
ima watashiga naiteitemo anata no kioku no naka deha
douka anata to onaji egao de kitto omoidashitene
wasurenaiyo mata aeru made kokoro no oku kimi ga ita basho
soko de boku to waratteiru koto oshieteagetai kara
shinjitamamade aenai mamade dondon boku ha otona ni naru
soretemo kimi to waratteiruyo zutto tomodachi deshou

Behind Name Bump Of Chicken ^___^

The words “chicken” and “bump” in the title of the band were originally intended to be translations of “coward” and “attack” respectively[citation needed]. Thus, a better translation may have been “The Coward’s Attack” or “Cowards Fight Back,” but the band has kept the original translation nonetheless.

Bump of Chicken (バンプ・オブ・チキン Banpu Obu Chikin) is a rock group from Sakura, Chiba, Japan. Their members are Fujiwara Motoo, Hiroaki Masukawa, Yoshifumi Naoi and Hideo Masu. Since their inception in 1994, they have released fourteen singles and five albums.[1] They are a popular group in Japan; every release since their third single, “Tentai Kansoku,” has charted in the top ten on the Oricon Weekly Charts. Their music has been used in various video games and as theme songs for movies and television shows in Japan.

Member of  Bump Of Chicken

Motoo Fujiwara (藤原基央)

Motoo Fujiwara is the composer, lyricist, guitar, and main vocalist of the group. He has written most of the music, and has also drawn the artwork for their albums ‘The Living Dead’ and ‘Yggdrasil’. He enjoys doing laundry, cannot eat spicy foods, has poor eyesight, and enjoys playing the harmonica, which he bought for 300 yen. He also wants to be an unworldly man. In March 2006, he released a solo album titled “Song for Tales of the Abyss,” which included “Karma” and instrumental versions of songs from the game Tales of the Abyss. Uses Gibson 1960 Les Paul Special Single Cutaway, Sonic fender, Gibson J-45

Hiroaki Masukawa (増川弘明)

Hiroaki Masukawa is the guitarist of the group, and also writes most of the hidden joke tracks for albums. He is referred to as the shy member of the group, and calls himself pessimistic. His hobbies are largely anime and games. His nicknames within the band are “Hiro,” “Hose,” (meaning “very thin”), and “Nikke”. Uses Gibson Les Paul Standard, Fender Stratocaster

Yoshifumi Naoi (直井由文)

Yoshifumi Naoi is the bassist of the group, and is referred to as the “crowd pleaser”. He jokes that he “falls ill exactly four times a year.” He also calls himself an anime and game otaku, and a “rare genius”. His hobbies are photography and drawing; he has released an artbook containing his works, and helped with some of the album artwork. His nickname within the band is “Chama,” a play on the Japanese phrase “Obotchama” referring to a rich family’s son. Uses Sonic Bass, Fender Jazz Bass 65.

Hideo Masu (升秀夫)

Hideo Masu is the drummer for the band. He describes himself as an introvert. He also mentions that he has good eyesight, cannot write kanji well, likes to go outdoors, and often gets headaches. Uses Canopus Maple Shell

Enjoy my favorite band ^___^

Source Wikipedia

or you can visit them on Youtube or Bump Of Chicken Official Website