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Baby Faced Beauty Comic Video eps 1 June 29, 2011

Lies … lies are the themes most often encountered in multiple-Korean drama lately, you name it Baby Faced Beauty , Miss. Ripley, Lie To Me. The conflict always begins with a lie …. perhaps because the conflict is more easily developed. Lies are one of the sins that are often done by humans. But whatever the reason lies remain lies. Small lies, need bigger lie to cover it, then a bigger lie to lie even greater, to cover it and so on until eventually people could no longer see the truth.
of some drama that I call the one that really caught my attention is the Baby Faced Beauty. Maybe because I judge this drama is the most simple and lightweight … but beautiful and sweet. I need a lot of smiles lately, because of work and a lot of problems at home. So this drama is really suited me.
Seeing the struggle of a stubborn girl 34 years old …  Saying goes, better late than not at all …. And it is true when all the dreams, hope and love come in when you no longer young age, there is no other way but try to enjoy it while you can.
Lee Soyeong start the adventure of her life when she reached 34 years, a designer, like her ideals, she met a man and fell in love … even though it all started with a lie. The tug of conflict makes the story interesting. Jang Nara successfully played this character very well.
But there is one that makes me can not turn away hehehe none other than Choi Daniel as  Choi Jin Wook young man 27 years old who fell in love with Lee So Yeong. Geez different 7 years younger does not make this man’s back ….wow he really true warrior of love. ^ __ ^
Choi Jin Wook’s character is possessive, affectionate, and willing to do anything for girl he loved , makes me wish I could have a lover like that.

This drama has always made ​​me smile … so I hope…. I can  share the happiness with you . so I made ​​a comic video …

I hope you like it