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Kim C : Korean Indie Band Hot Potato April 26, 2011

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Bromance …
nice to see a group of men with various characters, spend time together for 2 days, 1 night, suffer together, happy together, struggling to eat or sleep comfortably. That impression of why I so love this show entertainment.
but then there was one person who ultimately makes me more like 1 Night 2 Days. ^ __ ^
Kim C as the dorky man on 1 Night 2 Days. he looks calm and cool, very athletic but looks smart. Especially when I know that he is, singer, composer, narrator, songwriter, actor, host, whoaaaaa I can not stop like him ^___^

His Journey

During his early years as a Chuncheon High School student, he played baseball as an outfielder of the school’s semi-professional team.[4] After graduation, with strong suggestion from Korean pop singer, his friend Yoon Do-hyeon (lead singer of YB), and bassist Ko Beum-jun, he started his musical career in 1997, with a creation of a band called ‘Hot Potato’ (뜨거운 감자).[5]

His popularity has increased, since April 2006, he joined the guest of the Friday-night popular music variety programme, Yoon Do-hyeon’s Love Letter, hosting a segment called Making a gorgeous world with ‘slanting’ Kim C (삐딱이 김C와 아름다운 세상 만들기, ~ May 2007) on KBS2. Since then, he appeared in a wide range of Korean television programs from variety show to documentaries. Previously, he quoted about his frequent media appearances that, the reason why he acts in such variety shows is to advertise his music.[6]

Although, as a singer, some of his songs reached 1st in the Korean pop charts. Kim plays the guitar and has a deep, classical singing voice. His memorable songs to the public are “Don’t Worry Yohey!” (걱정마 Yohey!), “Lady Away Following Spring Blows” (봄바람 따라간 여인), and most recently with “Rain Tears” (비 눈물).

Since October 2007, he appears on the KBS2‘s Happy Sunday: 1 Night 2 Days (1박2일) regularly. In his first episode, while stuck with no money and food, Kim, together with pop singer Lee Seung Gi with the host Kang Ho Dong sang and played the guitar, earning about 8,866. Kim C is also known for his unique style of playing guitars and writing several lyrics.

Kim C is well loved as a quiet and rational character in the weekend variety show ’2 Days 1 Night’ and he will be leaving the show after 3 years. This news came after there has been speculations of him leaving the show earlier.

As for the reasons of leaving the show, it has been revealed that Kim C will be going overseas to *further his studies. And the last filming of the show was completed last week in KyeongBok KyeongJoo. And for the last filming for Kim C, the other 2Days1Night like members Kang HoDong, Lee SooGeun, Lee SeungGi, MC Mong, Eun JiWon and Kim JongMin bade him farewell (source wikipedia)

and I was sad when I knew he would leave 1 night 2 days, but I understand and respect his decision.
I hope you luck with your choice and HOT POTATO
I will collect your albums from now on

Hot Potato released their third album called Seesaw in March. In less than a month of its release, the title song, Confession reached the number one spot on Cyworld’s rock chart. Other songs, like Seesaw and Modern Woman and other songs snatched the 7th and 14th place respectively.

On his twitter, Kim C tweeted, “What a surprise. I thought it was a joke, but it’s true. 3rd place on Cyworld chart and 1st place on the rock chart. This is crazy!!!” (source all KPOP)


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  1. sherab wangmo Says:

    kim c u de cool best of luck

  2. tonitic Says:

    yes,,,,rain tears is much better than the boyband/girband song

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